Heads up! Project no longer active. This is an old website I've put back online to share with some folks.

Ever wondered why, as computers get easier and easier to use, code stays the same? Still rocking it like it's 1969 <*>?/!

Why can't code be usable, like the other great stuff on our laptops and phones? It turns out, the nerdy font was never the problem.

We need to start over, with a whole new kind of code designed for regular people. We call it kit-code. It's graphical and friendly, but, more importantly, it doesn't drown you in detail you don't care about.

Kitcoder gives you easy-to-assemble kits of ready made parts. With the right kit, you (yes, you!) can build anything: a website, a mobile app, a database, even a video game.


Building “Kitcoder College”

A database driven web-app and native mobile apps for iOS and Android

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Explore the Benefits

Tech-savvy entrepreneur

The best person to build your minimal viable product might just be you. Skip the months learning to code and get started.

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Team manager

Get more out of your whole team when developers make flexible parts that everyone can work with. This could take agility to a whole new level.

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Collaborate with developers more effectively than you ever thought possible, and discover the productivity and flexibility of working with code, without the pain.

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Digital Agency

Create your own part library to turn jobs around faster, without compromising on flexibility.

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Learning programmer

There’s nothing so enlightening for learners as concrete examples of real working code. With Kitcoder you could create your own.

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Kickstart projects with the application template generator of your dreams, and if you're whole team is using Kitcoder, things can get really interesting.

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IT power user

For masters of computing power tools, like the spreadsheet, Kitcoder could open up a vast new world of possibilities.

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